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Meet The Team

Michael Boston, MPT, ALM


Michael Boston is a licensed physical therapist with 18 years of experience. He has worked in several different settings with responsibilities ranging from staff physical therapist to executive director.


As a staff physical therapist, he  worked in the acute care setting providing treatment for patients with traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and stroke.


In the long term care setting, he served as the physical therapist on the wound team which required participation in wound rounds in addition to treating rehab patients.


He also has experience in work hardening and work conditioning, as well as with the elderly population and developmentally delayed population.


As an Executive Director, Michael provides clinical oversight to a staff of clinicians, administrative staff and students. Patient treatment includes evaluation, treatment, and development of personalized rehabilitative goals for patients with diagnoses of total hip replacements, lumbar, sacral, and cervical injuries, along with post operative orthopedic surgical clients.


The administrative responsibilities include billing, payroll, scheduling patients, and communicating with case managers.


Michael is also a certified assisted living manager and owner of Kingsgate Manor Assisted Living Facility, a product of Boston Health Services, LLC. As such, he combines his clinical and administrative skills to insure that high quality care is provided to the residents of Kingsgate Manor.


Trenda Boston, MSN, RN, DN/CM, ALM


Vice President

Trenda Boston has been a registered nurse for 29 years with a wide variety of experience. She has spent the last several years as a delegating nurse for assisted living facilities in Maryland.


This position requires clinical oversight of individuals living in a group home setting with health needs ranging from minor medication management to more complex management of prescribed regimens for diabetes, nutrition, pain, wound, dementia, behavioral and high risk conditions. In addition to delegating for assisted living facilities, she has functioned as a part-time educator for the corporate education department of a local hospital system. This position includes conducting clinical orientation for new employees.


As a certified instructor for CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention), Trenda trains employees on recognizing and appropriately intervening for the various levels of crisis development. This training includes educating the staff on specific therapeutic techniques to prevent harm to self or others.


She spent 10 years in nurse management with a focus on care coordination, development and monitoring of quality of life programs, and supervision of certified and licensed staff members. As Director of Nursing Services, she was responsible for the 24 hour care of residents with diagnoses ranging from orthopedic and neurological conditions, cardiac problems, to chronic debilitating illnesses. Many of the residents had developmental disabilities in addition to their admission diagnosis.


Trenda enforced using a holistic approach in developing care plans and coordinating services for residents. Her commitment and enthusiasm has driven her to become the co-founder of Boston Health Services, LLC to further serve individuals in the community with specialized needs.


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