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This course is designed for Assisted Living Facility Staff.

Medication Technician Training Program

The Medication Technician Training Program will prepare care providers to safely administer medications to residents in harmony with the specific rules and guidelines set forth by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Health Care Quality and the Maryland Board of Nursing.


Because medication administration is a nursing act, medication technicians practice under the supervision and direction of the registered nurse case manager/delegating nurse.


There is a classroom and clinical component to the program. This 20 hour training program provides instruction on the following topics.


  • Medication administration techniques

  • The medication technician’s role and responsibilities

  • Different uses for medication

  • Medication standards and regulations

  • Observation requirements for physical and behavioral changes

  • Reporting and recording requirements

  • Other medication related responsibilities


  • Candidates must be at least 18 years of age and must successfully pass reading and math examinations.

  • Each examination must be passed prior to participation in the training program.

  • The candidate must provide a valid identification card and social security number (or valid work eligibility number). 


Program Fees
  • Pre-course Examination Fee   $20.00

  • Training Program Fee                $250.00

  • Online Registration Fee            $20.00 (MBON requires a credit or debit card for this fee)       

More Info                                                           

Contact Trenda Boston, MSN, RN, DN/CM at 240-461-7523 for class schedules.

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